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A young woman learns that love can make the impossible possible—but the greater the love, the greater its price. Historical and romantic elements combine with fantasy and suspense to tell a unique story of love and loss, betrayal and redemption.

"Two years ago, having just finished The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer, I was still hungry for more of the supernatural. My only hesitation was that I wanted something a little more plausible than blood-sucking vampires... [Reading The Taker] I was blown away by the captivating story of an impressionable young woman, the 'Adonis' who she falls in love with and the 'monster' who falls in love with her. Lanore, Jonathan and Adair had me spellbound like no other characters have. The Taker satiated my need for the supernatural, but was unique in it's portrayal of everlasting love and unrelenting obsession, both of which know no boundaries for these characters..."
   —Jennifer Castro, Cliché Magazine

"Romance, fantasy and mainstream fiction fans alike will be
swept away by this tale of immortal love... highly recommended."

   —Barnes & Noble Book Club

The Descent The Reckoning The Taker The Devil's Scribe
Book 3 Book 2 Book 1 eNovella

FREE! The Marriage Price: Excerpted from an earlier version of The Taker, this short story is told from the POV of Evangeline McDougal, Jonathan's child bride.

FREE! The Witch Sisters: In the magical fens wood, Adair meets a pair of sister witches who turn out to be more—much more—than he bargained for in this short story, a prequel to the third and final book in the acclaimed Taker Trilogy, The Descent.